We are proud to have been invited by two great artists of the Mexican plastic arts: Antonio Álvarez and Arturo Elizondo, to conceptualize, manage and administer their work published in networks, as well as in the design and programming of their websites.

It is based on this experience of permanent work for several years, that we have specialized in promoting artistic work, finding the best ways to present their work, taking full advantage of the formats and possibilities of the networks.

A work in creative collaboration with the artists that has also allowed the creation of audiovisual pieces that are part of their narrative as authors and audiovisual work in conversations that show in detail their production as creators.

Artist: Arturo Elizondo

Location: CDMX


360º virtual tour of Arturo Elizondo’s exhibition at the Galería Municipal de Puebla

The innovation and benefit of stitching photography for artists.

It is important to mention the importance of the work done to capture works with Giga-Pan technology for high resolution stitching. This technological implementation provides artists with a high resolution register for the preservation and photographic reproduction of their works.

Artist: Antonio Álvarez Morán

Location: Puebla


Visit of one of the virtual rooms of the ALVAREZMANIA gallery with the exhibition «Ausencia y Concepción».

Go to the YouTube channel «CAUDAL TERRITORIO DE CREADORES» to see more of the artists’ work:

The best creative tools and resources for artists’ social networks:

– Professional photography

– Photography with Giga Pan technology for «stitching».

– Panoramic photography for 360º virtual tours

– Graphic design

– Typographic Design

– Specialized research

– Creation of professional texts

The assembly of the 4 canvases with more than 20 m2 that compose the Mural of the Poblanos thanks to the photography made with the technique of «Stitching» with Giga Pan technology.

Canvas 1
208 X 120 cm · 2014

Canvas 2
208 X 324 cm · 2001

Canvas 3
219 X 297 cm · 1995

Canvas 4
208 X 324 cm · 1996

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